Cosmetic Dermal Fillers – Benefits, Cost, and Side Effects

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Are you considering about getting rid of these irritating lines and wrinkles? The first step to smooth, wrinkle-free skin is learning about dermal fillers. A variety of such products is available nowadays. You can easily find many of them at Dermal Fillers Brooklyn. Among these are: hyaluronic acid, fat, collagen, etc. Some of the brand names are: Juvederm, Perlane, and Restylane.

These fillers are considered to be safe when they are administered by a qualified doctor who is trained in how to use them. Of course, the procedure needs to be performed in a professional medical institution with FDA approved dermal fillers. Risks can arise if the injections are made by a person who is not properly qualified. Some of these could be blood pooling beneath the skin, or in very rare cases infection and skin loss or tissue necrosis.

There is also a chance that the outcome will not be the desired one. Dermal fillers that are permanent or semi-permanent could clump and form a lump under the skin. It is possible to feel or see this lump. If this occurs, doctors make anti-inflammatory injection to help with swelling or to improve the look and feel of the clumps. If the problem is very severe, the only way to deal with it may be through surgery.

The doctor at Dermal Fillers Brooklyn or the plastic surgeon who you consult for your procedure will discuss your medical history with you. If there is a chance of any allergic reaction to the dermal fillers that the doctor is recommending for you, an allergy skin test will be performed before the injections are scheduled.

Although some dermal fillers are made only for the face parts, other may be used on the hands, breasts, or any other body part. It is also possible to treat a cellulite dimple and in some cases, scars with dermal fillers as a temporary solution.

Anyone over the age of 18 is a candidate for this treatment. Dermal fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane are safe to be used on skin of any color. This is because they are colorless gels that will be invisible under the skin.

Another question of those who are considering this type of cosmetic treatment is whether they will be able to feel the gel that was injected under their skin. Some people do have firmness in the area where the gel was injected, but it goes away in a few days in most cases.

Most people are pleased with the results of their dermal fillers and the way that they smooth their skin and eliminate wrinkles. Those who are not happy with the results know that they are only temporary. If you had Juederm, Perlane, or Restylane injected, they can be treated with an injection of hyaluronidase. This substance is injected into the area that was treated, and it diminishes the original injection by causing it to be absorbed and dispersed in the body. The skin goes back to its original look in a matter of weeks.

Derma fillers brooklyn specializes in Juvederm injections. This substance was approved by the FDA in 2006 for moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. The gel is very smooth and when injected under the skin, leaves a supple appearance. Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus are both available at Dermal Fillers Brooklyn. After your doctor consults with you, he will decide which derma fillers will work best to eliminate your wrinkles and to smooth your skin. Juvederm injections at this doctor’s office cost $550 for the first syringe. Each additional syringe purchased on the same day costs $450.

Perlane injections are another type of hyaluronic acid treatments that can help smooth skin and eliminate wrinkles. Perlane has a numbing agent added to it, just as Juvederm does. This makes the need for local anesthetics often unnecessary. Perlane is often used to treat wrinkles and lines that are mild to moderate, and the results from this dermal filler can last up to six months. The average time that is lasts is about three to four months. Perlane is available at dermal fillers brooklyn for $550 for the first syringe and $450 for additional syringes purchased on the same day.

Treatment with Restylane is also available at dermal fillers brooklyn. It is used for facial wrinkles and other cosmetic purposes. There can be pain involved with this treatment since it does not contain the numbing agent that is in Juvederm and Perlane. Also, there are some side effects with Restylane that do not occur with the other two hyaluronic acid treatments. Some people experience flu-like symptoms or headache, nausea, redness and pain at the treated site. Another possible side effect that rarely happens is muscle weakness that may last up to months after the procedure. The cost of Restylane injections is from $500 for the first syringe and $450 per additional syringe that is bought on the same day.

Your doctor is the expert to consult to discover which hyaluronic acid treatment is the best procedure for you.