Various Laser Hair Removal Methods for Different Skin Types

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There are many unwanted hair on human body, which can be a source of uneasiness sometimes. Many ways have been introduced to remove them, but laser hair removal/reduction procedure is considered as the only final method to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. Once you get your hair removal done by means of laser, you are in no need of shaving again.

The Use of Laser for Hair Removal

Laser gets attracted by the melanin, the pigment that is responsible for hair color. The laser energy then is delivered along the hair shaft to the root which gets destroyed by this energy converted into the heat removing the hair and preventing the hair from growing again on permanent basis.

The more melanin present in the hair, the more it will absorb the laser energy. The more laser energy is absorbed, the better results will be.

Laser Hair Removal for Different Skin Types

As mentioned above, it is the amount of melanin present in the hair that affects the absorption of laser energy. Skin also gets its color from melanin, and this melanin is capable of attracting laser energy as well. The amount of the melanin determines the skin color. The lighter the skin the lesser melanin it contains the less laser energy is absorbed and the less possible skin damage occurs. Contrary applies to the dark skin types reach in melanin: the darker the skin the higher energy absorption the higher potential for the skin damage. However, to minimize the skin damage there are different laser beams of varying wavelengths for different skin type. Laser hair removal can surely prove to be successful if the right beam wavelength is used for the specific skin type.

Laser for Light Skin

Light colored skin means less melanin, and thus less absorption of laser energy by the skin. This is the best when hair is dark colored, as dark hair will absorb most laser energy and skin will absorb a minimum amount of light, which won’t do any harm to the skin. Such a person with light colored skin and dark colored hair is the perfect candidate for laser hair removal.

Laser for Dark Skin

For clients with dark skin, there are different laser machines that produce beams of a specific wavelength that could concentrate on the hair only, and are not absorbed by the skin. The gold standard laser hair removal machine for all skin types is a diode laser that targets hair follicles and allows minimizing potential skin damage. It is best to seek experienced professional individuals when going for laser hair removal, as they have better information, as to which beam is needed for which skin type, and hair color.