Vivite Glycolic Chemical Peel

NEW Allergan’s VIVITE Glycolic Chemical Peel with GLX Technology: This improved glycolic acid peel is brand new and is part of the VIVITE line launch. This 70% Glycolic Peel uses an exclusive GLX Technology that combines glycolic compound with natural antioxidants to form a formula matrix that deeply penetrates the skin to help promote production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and epidermal growth factor, all of which are essential to the integrity and health of the skin. Applied in a physician’s office to accelerate the exfoliation of the skin and enhance results of Vivite Skin Care System used at home.
It works by accelerating the removal of the dry, damaged outer layer of skin delivering a high glycolic content to maximize results. The botanical antioxidants in the peel rapidly begin to heal and repair the skin.
The benefits of Vivite Glycolic Chemical Peel are increased hydration, improved overall clarity and smoothness of the skin, and reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Expect to see improvements in dry, rough textured, sun damaged, sallow or dull looking skin. An average of 6 separate applications of Vivite Glycolic Chemical Peel is recommended. Frequency of the treatment is determined by a physician and can be done as often as once a week, once every other week or every three weeks, but never more than once in one week. Some patients see benefits after 4 treatments, some may require up to 8 depending on the patient’s objectives. After this peel the patients may continue their daily activities with no downtime but be mindful of a sun exposure.

  • Each Vivite Peel $80