Cosmetic Enhancement Procedures

Smooth away the telltale lines and wrinkles that make you look older than you feel. Facial wrinkles and creases are part of the aging process and begin to appear as the underlying collagen and elastin fibers break down.

After the age of 50 we lose about 1% of our dermal collagen, elastins and hyaluronans per year. As a result we experience facial changes such as:

  • A thinning dermis
  • Hollowing of the cheeks and mouth areas
  • Deepening lines in nasolabial folds
  • Descending fat pads due to gravity
  • Greater bony landmarks
  • Thinning of the lips
  • Flattening of the upper ridges from the nose to the mouth
  • Dropping of the mouth corners causing loss of support for the lip and leading to “marionette” lines
  • Drooping of the nasal tip
  • Decreasing support of lower third portion of the face

While this breakdown is part of the natural aging process, it can also result from excessive squinting, frowning or smiling.

Today we can smooth the wrinkles and replace the hollowing of the skin and the volume lost to aging with Botox or Dysport and number of filler materials available.

Dermal fillers (or wrinkle fillers) are also used to volumize face, to augment the size and shape of the lips (lip augmentation), to augment the chin, to soften the appearance of jowls, to rejuvenate the earlobe and the back of the hands.

To make the desired shape, and lip augmentation, we use quality and proven fillers.

There are a number of dermal fillers available, each with specific uses and distinct advantages. These include Restylane, Juvederm, Perlane, Radiesse, Sculptra and more.

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