From the South of France to your service in Brooklyn

In order to make you even more beautiful and help your skin regain its radiance, GERNETIC peels skin treatments are now available at Harmonie Ultime Laser and Medcal Rejuvenation.

GERNETIC is a French company with more than 30 years of unsurpassed experience in skin health and beauty. Their products are made of plants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins and noble oils and carry no risk of allergy.

GERNETIC products are well regarded and widely used throughout the world.

GERNETIC’s purpose is to create appropriate skin care for each woman, achieving harmony between her personality and femininity.

We offer the following in-office treatments:

1. GERNETIC Collagen Facial
This luxurious facial helps prevent premature ageing, GERNETIC’s active vitamins and amino acids work to stimulate production of collagen which actively helps to plump out the skin to smooth and soften fine lines and wrinkles and provide instant beauty.
Can be performed on pregnant women, recommended for ageing skin bi-weekly or monthly.
Treatment time 60 min $1002. GERNETIC Lifting and Firming Facial
This advanced ant-aging treatment provides immediate firming and lifting results. It diminishes effects of free radical damage, softens and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, boosts collagen production.Can be performed on pregnant mothers, recommended for treatment of ageing and sagging skin.
Treatment time 60 min $1003. GERNETIC Purifying Facial
This deep cleansing and purifying facial works to decongest and purify pores while lightening and brightening the skin. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients work to soothe and calm acne breakouts. It helps to reduce pores and skin oil content, promotes clear skin, helps control oil production.Can be performed on pregnant women and is recommended for oily, greasy acneic skin bi-weekly or monthly.
Treatment time 60 min $1004. GERNETIC Calming Facial
This relaxing and soothing facial provides complete comfort for sensitive skin. Powerful antioxidants are delivered to the dermal layers to sooth, calm and protect from further damage. The natural vegetal bran mask with essential oils of lavender and lime will reduce inflammation and redness while restructuring and repair the sin tissues. This treatment restores vital moisture level, heals wounds, cuts, burns, and calms sunburns, great source of vitamins and minerals, helps with collagen synthesis.Can be performed on pregnant women and is recommended for sensitive, eczema or psoriasis affected or dehydrated skin bi-weekly or monthly to keep area hydrated.
Treatment time 60 min $100

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