Laser Hair Removal in Brooklyn

Some years ago Laser Hair Removal was the method suitable for treatment of unwanted hair in light-skinned individuals only with comparatively dark hair. Other men and women being dark-skinned had to use such old inconvenient and painful methods as shaving or waxing.

With modern laser technologies men and women with different skin colors can now benefit with remarkable success from laser hair removal. Brooklyn is the place where you can easily get rid of that unwanted hair by just visiting our center.

The mechanism of laser treatment is based on the ability of laser light energy to convert into heat energy within the hair follicle causing its damage with no harm to surrounding tissues. The complete elimination of unwanted hair is possible with about 5 to 8 sessions in our center in Brooklyn depending on your skin type and hair color and thickness.
Our services we offer in Brooklyn are the most convenient, relatively painless and guarantee superior results.

laser hair removal brooklyn
Permanent laser hair removal in brooklyn cosmetic center. Hair cut and style.

This is what sets us apart from other Laser Hair Removal centers:

  • Modern laser technology with Light Sheer Diode system which is a “Gold Standard” for Laser Hair Removal;
  • Successful results for any skin type (from I to VI) and as well as tanned skin;
  • Cooling system that provides continuous contact cooling of your skin to maximize your comfort during procedure and letting your skin to recover sooner after the procedure;
  • We propose any skin area treatment (from upper lips and underarms to bikini area and legs) depending on your needs;
  • Our treatments are individually tailored to your skin type needs and are provided by well trained and experienced staff;
  • Flexible procedure schedules based on your personal needs;
  • We offer competitive prices and discounts

Please contact us today for free consult with our professionals and get answers to all your questions in our Brooklyn based center.
Visit us today and enjoy smooth and hairless skin starting tomorrow!

Please call us today for a free consultation in our center in Brooklyn.

Our Price:

  • Upper Lip, Chin or Ears $50
  • Full Arms $150
  • Underarms $80
  • Forearms $100
  • Full Back including Neck and Shoulders $300
  • Chest and Abdomen $300
  • Buttocks $200
  • Full Face $150
  • Beard (partial) $100
  • Bikini (partial) $100
  • Bikini Brazilian $200
  • Full Legs with Bikini $300
  • Half Legs $150
  • Inner Thighs $150

Packages special: buy 5 treatments, get the 6th treatment for free.

By utilizing laser hair removal services in our center in Brooklyn you will get safe,
comfortable and effective unwanted hair treatment.

Get 10% off of the total price when you buy 3 packages.
Bring a friend and both of you will get additional 10% off of your package or single treatment.