Permanent Make-Up

Just because you just woke up, it doesn’t mean that you have to look like it, too! Shake yourself. It’s not a dream – never again will you spend hours in the morning applying lip and eyeliner. Our experienced Makeup Artists have mastered the procedure that precisely outlines your mouth to enhance the palate of your pout, and underlines your eyes to give you a smoldering stare all day… and all night. These revolutionary methods are consistent with our commitment to offering only the newest and safest technologies medically proven to be safe and effective in creating the look you desire. Unlike cosmetic procedures that require surgery, Permanent makeup offers you natural-looking radiance with fast recovery. Now with your permanent new look what you do with the rest of your morning is entirely up to you…

We also offer other permanent cosmetic procedures including vitiligo (skin whitening) and scar camouflage, areola restoration and hairline enhancement.

What You Should Know About Permanent Makeup

Permanent make-up is micro pigmentation. The cosmetic implantation techniques deposits colored pigment into the upper reticular layer of the dermis.

Permanent makeup procedure is performed with the traditional tattoo method by using a needle to place pigment into the skin. The process includes an initial consultation to discuss and demonstrate the most flattering shape and color then application of pigment.

Most people experience a small amount of discomfort. The specialist will use a topical anesthetic ointment 15 minutes before the procedure to numb the area. The procedure will generally take approximately 45-60 minutes. Full lip color will take 70 minutes. Retouch procedures will take 20-40 minutes.

After the initial procedure, the skin does not always retain the pigment equally in all areas. A follow up retouch may be desired for adjusting the shape, color, density of the pigment or fix any imperfection. Based on our experience, about 15 – 20% of clients require a follow up retouch after the procedure.

Technically, permanent cosmetic procedure is considered permanent because the color is implanted into the upper reticular part of the dermal layer of the skin and cannot be washed off. However, as with any tattoo, fading can and often does occur, requiring periodic maintenance. Eyebrows may need a retouch or color re-enhancement after two or three years, eyeliner and lip liner may need a retouch after four years. Clients may inquire our Permanent Makeup Retouch service.

Permanent Make-Up Price

  • Eyebrows $350 including follow up treatment
  • Eyeliner top $200
  • Eyeliner bottom $200
  • Eyeliner top & bottom together $350
  • Lip liner $300 including follow up treatment
  • Full lips $400 including follow up treatment


Everyone! Both young and the chronologically gifted (elderly) that desire a soft, natural enhancement to their appearance. It is especially beneficial to people who can’t wear other cosmetics due to allergies and skin sensitivities. Active people who want to look their best for activities such as swimming, hiking, tennis, aerobics, and those who don’t want to worry about “sweating off” or reapplying cosmetics. Also the vision impaired who have difficulty applying their cosmetics, and others with motor impairments such as arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and those with unsteady hands who cannot apply their own make-up. Permanent cosmetics are perfect for busy people who don’t have time to spend on their make-up.

What is the other important information you should know about?

Do not apply make up.
Topical anesthetic cream is applied and lasts for 30-40 minutes.

The Treatment:
Needles are disposed of after every treatment.
Pigment is implanted into the skin; there may be some slight discomfort.

Stay away from ultra-violet exposure, especially tanning booths, for at least 10 days. Alpha-hydroxy products and Retin-A must be kept away from treated areas.
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