Revision Skin Care

Revision Skin Care

Revision® skin care offers an advanced line of products designed to counter the aesthetic effects of aging and restore health and beauty to a patient’s skin. For over 22 years, cosmetic dermatologists nationwide have used Revision® skin care products — including cleansers, toners, exfoliants, moisturizers, and other serums — to rejuvenate patients’ skin. To learn more about Revision®’s extensive skin care product line as well as the benefits of treatment, please read the sections below.

Revision®: The 7 Keys to Healthy Skin
Revision® skin care products were specifically designed to provide patients with “7 keys to healthy skin.”

Revision® offers an array of effective cleansers. These advanced skin care products remove dirt, makeup, debris, and other impurities. Depending on your skin’s needs, Revision®’s cleansing skin care products are designed to brighten, inhibit sebum (an oily substance produced by certain glands in the skin), or hydrate the skin.

After cleansing, rinse and refine your skin’s texture using Revision® toners. Revision®’s toners restore the skin’s natural pH. Depending on your needs, the Revision® skin care products can either refine pores and soothe irritated skin or clarify the skin, removing excess oil and stimulating cell regeneration.

Revision®’s skin care products also include a line of mechanical and chemical exfoliants. Revision® offers an array of gentle and aggressive exfoliation products that can improve the skin’s appearance by removing dead skin cells from the surface to reveal younger and healthier-looking skin underneath. These resurfacing skin care products are ideal for rough or aging skin.

Vitamins and anti-aging Revision® skin care products help reduce the appearance of existing facial lines and wrinkles. Dull or uneven skin can be improved in clarity and present a more uniform complexion. Revision® skin care products also nourish and protect the skin. These products are designed to address the face, neck and eyes.

Revision® also offers a line of moisturizers containing chemical and physical sunscreens such as Avobenzone and Zinc Oxide. Protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Typically when you repair your skin, it becomes more sensitive to these harmful rays. Revision® skin care products provide more aggressive protection.

Revision®’s night creams and oil-free serums are designed to provide hydration for softer, younger-looking skin. Moisture is essential to the skin’s health. Even oily or acne-prone skin can benefit from moisturizing treatments. Revision® skin care products supplement the skin’s natural moisture production, which decreases as we age.

Revision® skin care products also include remedies for specific problems. Revision®’s Vitamin K Serum is ideal for correcting spider veins, bruises, and irritation. It nourishes, conditions, and protects delicate and fragile skin. Its soothing and calming ability make Vitamin K Serum an excellent postoperative option.
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