Tattoo Removal

Yes, we can remove your tattoo, safely.

Remorseful about your tattoo?
Today’s advanced laser technology provides the means for your tattoo to be removed.

Our light-based treatment works by eradicating tattoos, ranging from a single wavelength of light to a broad spectrum of light, the varieties of which are intended to obliterate the ink in the tattoo without damaging the skin. Certain colors of light are absorbed by specific corresponding colors of the tattoo ink. The light energy vaporizes or fragments naturally and the color fades over the next couple of weeks.

How do the tattoo removal treatments work?

Size, color, location and the age of the tattoo are determining factors to the efficacy of tattoo removal. Results may vary. Black and blue tattoos are the easiest to remove and green and yellow pigments are the hardest.
Although the tattoo removal process is mainstream now, it is still somewhat painful and often requires multiple procedures for success. There is also a chance that the laser will leave a scar.For specific information about your tattoo please call us today for a free consultation in our center in Brooklyn.

Tattoo Removal

  • Areas of 2in x 2in $100
  • Areas larger than 2in x 2in $25 per square inch
Packages special: buy 5 treatments, get the 6th treatment for free.Bring a friend and both of you will get additional 10% off of your package or single treatment.